Plan Guidelines

This is how to read and use the plans I write. If something isn’t made clear on here, please reach out at some point.

  • Column A is the name of the workout. If there is a link in this column, it will likely go to a page on this site and may include a timer an/or video demonstration.
    • For timers, I use the Seconds Pro app to create all of mine. If you have it installed on your phone, you can download and import all timers I give you straight to your phone. Kinda nifty!

  • Columns B through E show the number of sets. If there is one number, please do exactly that number of sets. Otherwise, you have a choice of the range available.
    • For example if B = 3, C = 4, D = 5, and E = 6, you can do 3 to 6 sets of that workout on that given day.

  • Column F shows the reps/timing for that exercise. If there are no time based units, do that many reps per set. If there’s a time, either do as many reps in that time as possible or hold the exercise for that long, depending on what’s in column A.

  • Column G is how much rest you get. Typically this is rest between sets, but if there’s a small number and a big number present, the small number goes for rest between reps and the big is for between sets.

  • Columns H through J are there so you can print out the plan and fill in how much and what you do for each day if you do not already do so in a training journal.
    • Keeping track of your training is a valuable way to see progress, so I highly recommend at least printing these out, if not purchasing a journal for training.
    • If you do print out the plan, I recommend using Landscape mode as you’ll have more room to write everything and the text will be overall bigger.

  • Anything within a red box should be treated as a circuit! This means a set comprises of one run through of each exercise in the box. Please do circuits in the order written, I did it that way for a reason!